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Our focus is our clients' success. The Washington Advocacy Group's experience and skills provide value-driven, tailored strategies and advocacy that deliver winning results.

The Washington Advocacy Group

The Washington Advocacy Group knows how to help its clients - especially those unfamiliar with Washington - achieve their objectives. Whether it's providing strategic and tactical advice to navigate through Congress and executive agencies, or looking for opportunities to grow a client's business, The Washington Advocacy Group can help.

We can tap our extensive professional network to bring in other respected consultants to tailor the best solution to your challenge, maximizing your government relations investment.

You shouldn't be spending more than you need to get successful results.

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With expert local knowledge, The Washington Advocacy Group provides top-tier advice and client service.

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The Washington Advocacy Group assists our clients on a range of issue. Our growing client list includes:

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2 weeks ago
Chuck Grassley: "I saw what they did to Robert Bork. I saw what they did to Clarence Thomas. That was nothing compared to what we witnessed here in the last three months."
2 weeks ago
. @SenSchumer: “Judge Kavanaugh falls woefully short of what Americans expect and deserve in a Supreme Court Justice.”
2 weeks ago
President Trump: "We will always protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, we're going to take care of them."

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